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Presentation of the "Recycling" project at Concordia by Mrs. Latifa Desmet

the outline of the project:



- Signing of a contract with an Egyptian company that collects paper and plastic for recycling.

- Creation  a team of eco-delegates for middle and high school

- Exhibition of advertising posters on sustainable development via infographic software.

- Installation of bins for the selective sorting of waste, made from recovered cardboard.

- Writing articles on sustainable development in our school magazine "Concordia News"

- Participation in the Al Ahram Hebdo competition on sustainable development (the articles were selected by the jury of the French-speaking Egyptian weekly and were published)

- Creation of a collaborative educational garden.



- Launch of an international, inter-establishment cooperation with the Jean-Moulin high school and cooperation with Tara Océan


  Planned actions:

continue the  waste recycling via the Egyptian company, continue to develop the collaborative garden by planting seedlings in relation to the seasons, exhibition of posters on eco-gestures via infographic software, plastic collection by the sea, planting trees , films and articles about the events, interview with a senior official of the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment.

Project '' Plastic bags" Directed by Carelle Rafik, 5th grade student 

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